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Forgetting The Jack-O-Lantern…How to deal with it

I’m not one to lie to my kids, especially my daughter (my son is 1 and doesn’t care).  Since the moment Charlotte (my 5 year old) could ask questions, I did my best to answer as honestly as I could.  I believe she has a pretty realistic understanding of the world because of the relationship we have.   I’ve answered questions such as “where to babies come from” all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum as to “how did so and so die”, as honestly as I would have answered them if my husband would have asked me.

Do I catch a lot of grief for this?  Oh yeah, a shit load.  People think I treat my daughter as if she’s too grown up.  And maybe I do, however, she and I have a great relationship and she trusts me. And in the long run, she’ll benefit because I didn’t sugarcoat the world with unicorns and rainbows, making her believe real life is like a Disney Movie, so they can kiss it.

However there comes a time, when we come across a question, that answering it with 100% honesty doesn’t benefit either of us.  Such as “Why didn’t we carve Jack-O-Lanterns this year?”.

Answering with an extremely true, because we’re too damn busy with dance, and sports, and school parties, and birthday parties, and weddings so time slipped away from us would not be a suitable answer.  Especially since Charlotte is going through this “AWESOME” (absolute sarcasm) phase of accusing us of hating her or not loving her every time something doesn’t go her way.  So the answer “we had too much shit going on and forgot” is just not acceptable.

Lies I felt were appropriate and held some truth:

  1. You said you hated pumpkins (no she didn’t, but I actually do)
  2. I didn’t think you wanted to have throw out a rotten pumpkin.
  3. Walmart didn’t have pretty pumpkins this year.
    1. Follow up question- “what about the pumpkin patch” (see answer 6)
  4. Your brother tends to eat all things gross and I wasn’t prepared to deal with him eating pumpkin guts, were you?
  5. Your costume was too awesome, I didn’t want our pumpkin to take attention away from it.


and my favorite….

6. Japanese Lady Bugs infested the pumpkin patches and I didn’t want to bring biting  lady bugs into the car or house.

So in case anyone else fails at being a parent around the holidays….feel free to borrow any of these excuses.


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