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Keeping the day organized…

In today’s world everything is digital. Reminders, notepads, calendars…there’s even digital sticky notes on most computers now!!

I mean… what’s wrong with a trusty Post-It?

If you’re anything like me and attempted to organize life via your cell phone, you learned very quickly that those notifications are extremely easy to dismiss.

I eventually just got annoyed anytime a calendar reminder popped up on my phone and wouldn’t even read what it said. I just pushed DISMISS, DISMISS, DISMISS…

Not that using your cell phone, iPad, or computer isn’t an effective way to stay organized; it’s just not for me.

Being raised before the digital era took over, I rely on a physical planner.

And, trust me when I say, I don’t take this topic lightly. I’m a researcher, so finding the planner that fit my lifestyle took about a month of watching blogs and reading reviews. I got on Pinterest and asked for advice from friends and family on Facebook. This all had to happen before coming to the conclusion that the Erin Condren LifePlanner was right for me.

Things I look for in a planner:

• Space- I write everything down; daily mom duties, work schedule, workout plans (if I ever have them), dance and sports schedules, school pick up routine, kid milestones, travel plans, quotes… EVERYTHING

• Customization- I don’t like being limited. I don’t like not having a choice in what I’m buying. When I looked up all the planner choices you could get hourly, block form, etc… being limited was hard for me to deal with, because I wasn’t sure what would be best. I also love that I have the option to customize the covers! Mine has pictures of my family all over it!

• Full calendars- I not only write down daily tasks, but budgeting and billing as well. I need to have a full calendar spread to be able break down pay days and write down due dates for our bills.

• Accessories- now this isn’t that important, but I love my planners to be colorful and fun! So the more accessories I can get to go with my planner the better! My EC is decked out in stickers, colors, and doodles!

I have an obsession with my planner, and that helps with keeping up with everything that’s written in it. And maybe most moms don’t need to write down a reminder for “laundry” or “clean the bathroom” but putting everything to a schedule is a way I use to hold myself accountable for what needs to be done.

If I don’t write it down, that means I’ve forgotten or neglected to do it.

So if you’re anything like me and looking for the right planner, I hope this helps in the decision making process.


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