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When you trash talk your husband…

I know the title sounds bad… but seriously it’s just a little friendly competition.

Back story: my husband is obsessed with Fantasy Football. Draft day is officially a holiday for he and his buddies and is 100% dedicated to creating the most elite team. No women, no kids, no interruptions.

For those of you who don’t understand what Fantasy Football is- it’s basically a group of people who get together to try to assemble a team of specific players in a number of positions to try and acquire the most points each week and the players with the best win/ lose record goes to the playoffs.

So for 4 long months, their lives revolve around nothing else.

I’m talking group texts, phone calls at all hours, trade deals all Saturday, constant research and nothing but NFL Live on the TV.

We are in week 8 as of right now…or maybe 9? (Seriously could care less)

Every week my husband talks about all his bad luck or how “so and so” got lucky because Joe McFootball had a way better game than he was projected. Same song, different tune. EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY.

So in my playful wife like banter, I make the comment- “other than picking your team, the rest just comes down to luck”…

Not the right thing to say to a Fanatasy Football Fanatic!

My husband went crazy- “are you kidding, you have to know so much to do well”, “you have to research”, “I can’t believe you would say that”.

Honestly, he would have been less offended had I insulted my mother-in-law.

End Result: We now have a bet. A bet, that I will not only assemble a team that will beat his team, but I will beat a league consisted of my family members… men who’s lives revolve around football. There will be a small amount of money on the line and the loser must wear…

This shirt.

He’s given me the rest of the year to prepare. I’ll keep you posted.


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